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  • Astro Magic Spray
  • Astro Magic Spray
  • Astro Magic Spray
  • Astro Magic Spray
  • Astro Magic Spray
  • Astro Magic Spray
  • Astro Magic Spray
  • Astro Magic Spray
  • Astro Magic Spray
  • Astro Magic Spray

Astro Magic Spray

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Astro Magic sprays are specially formulated to get you through a Mercury retrograde, help you hit the reset button during a full moon, or take advantage of Jupiter’s energy to improve…just about everything!

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Astro Magic room sprays are made with blended oils and are skin safe. Shake it before you spray it. Do not spray in your face or take internally.

Astro Magic Full Moon - Let it Go Spray: Release your spell, clear the old, complete a cycle, or cleanse yourself of limits, the moon is at her fullest and there is no room for more. Use the Full Moon spray to help you let it go to begin the cycle of what is next for you. Scent: Woodsy Floral

Astro Magic Jupiter - Lucky Star Spray: Align yourself with Jupiter energy to improve anything and everything, it is the guardian angel planet. Use the Jupiter spray to bring blessings in the material and spiritual realm, it’s like Santa Claus brought your Lucky Star.  Scent: Citrus & Smoke

Astro Magic Mars - IDGAF Spray: When you need to stand up for yourself and take what you want and deserve, Mars is the planet to align to.  Mars is not concerned with fairness. Use the Mars spray to eliminate all competition and win at every pursuit. Mars energy is also great for firming your boundaries and keeping your power for your own use. Scent: Sweet Patchouli

Astro Magic Mercury - Truth Serum Spray: When you need the truth, you need Mercury.  Just the facts are what Mercury is concerned about.  Use the Mercury spray to empower your mental disciplines of reason, communication, influence, contracts, and the discernment of the truth. Scent: Woodsy Myrrh

Astro Magic Mercury Retrograde - Neutralizer Spray: Is it Mercury Retrograde again? You can take cover or you can tame the MRx. There is a mistaken thought that Mercury messes up your life when in actuality, it opens up the valves to all thought and communication and speeds up what you have started to create.   Use the Mercury Retrograde spray to neutralize this effect of overwhelm,  helping you dive deep into the messages of Mercury Retrograde and find a new way forward. Scent: Bright Citrus

Astro Magic New Moon - Let it Grow Spray: Align yourself with the New Moon to open up new possibilities and create with big magic. The ground is fertile on the new moon. Use the New Moon spray to help you plant the seeds of intention and magic you will reap by the full moon. Scent: Honeysuckle Rose

Astro Magic Saturn - Get the F* Out Spray: When you are at your limit with a person, influence, or even your own bad habits, it’s time to Get it the F* Out. It’s good to know your limits and Saturn is the best teacher of them. Use the Saturn spray to send away what is getting on your last d*mn nerve, sending it on its way. Scent: Patchouli Spice

Astro Magic The Moon - Do You Spray: Self-care is all about doing you! Taking care of and honoring yourself and your natural cycles is a critical foundation in magic. Use The Moon spray to awaken a deeper understanding of who you are on a primal and instinctual level, unlocking access to your greatest powers. Scent: Jasmine Musk

Astro Magic The Sun - Curse Breaker Spray: Your star power is energized by The Sun, transforming you from cursed to blessed.  Use The Sun spray to boost your energy and confidence, and cleanse yourself of curses that have been inflicted upon you by others, as well as curses that you inflicted upon yourself. Scent: Frankincense & Wood

Astro Magic Venus - That Bitch Spray: Money, love, fame, influence, Venus will get it all for you. When you need to be That Bitch who has it all, the Venus spray is your key to attaining it. Venus fulfills your desires, glamours your life, and makes you irresistible. Scent: Amber Floral

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